Friday, February 10, 2006

"For The Love Of The Game" to premiere April 2006

A new film explores the baseball industry, Latin America, Negro Baseball, and its effects on America today. Destiny International Films presents the motion picture "For The Love Of The Game," a film project highlighting Negro League Baseball. The film will provide audiences with a modern depiction of Negro & Latin players' excitement, highlights, and hardships via subtle innuendos throughout the film. Featuring award-winning jazz artists Tito Puente Jr. and Irvin Mayfield, the film's authenticity about the era provides audiences with a modern replica on an exciting era, not a documentary. Screenwriter and Director Bernard Bailey said, "Our goal is to introduce a younger generation to an exciting piece of American history while maintaining an entertaining film that a younger audience can appreciate. Overall our film will give mature audiences fond memories of an era almost forgotten."

Logline: In the postwar US they played hard, they had fun, they struggled, and they enjoyed the love of the game. An in-depth, comical film about the lives of key Negro league players, how it all began, the highlights, mishaps, and interest of life in this pivotal era of baseball history. Sit, and relax, while an all-star, talented cast opens our hearts and minds to the life, love, and insights of a group of men that gave their money, time, strengths and hearts For The Love Of The Game.

With the strong presence of Major League Baseball's Latin baseball players, the film's distribution will cover Central and Latin American countries simultaneously upon its North American release. Son of Latin Jazz great Tito Puente gives an emotional performance depicting the journey experienced by Latin baseball players on American soil. While Grammy- nominated New Orleans jazz great Irvin Mayfield provides a 4-star performance for his role as a motivated and determined young baseball player. Marketing Director Justin Proctor said, "Our film represents a piece of American history while offering non-traditional distributors an opportunity to broaden and diversify their entertainment selections for viewers." It's obvious the soundtrack will be worth a listen to on your iPod, bringing in an exciting combination of jazz, a slight change for the youth. Of note film contributors include Jordan Brand, Apple, and Budweiser. The film's scheduled release date for both theater and DVD is set for April 7th, 2006.

96 minute feature - 35 mm

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